The 2020 Game

The game of the year. Literally.

2020 was an unforgettable year. While we would have preferred to be out living our best lives, we stayed at home and adapted to “the new normal.” Relive the best and worst moments of the year with this fun card game containing all the new terms and memorable events 2020 gave us. The 2020 Game™ provides entertainment for the whole family and will be perfect for the next round of quarantine (cries and makes another quarantini).

The 2020 Game™ is also a time capsule of sorts – a way for us to remember these “unprecedented times.”

Here’s to a better 2021!

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Each player starts off with 8 answer cards (white cards) and one “Cure Card” (blue card).

The most socially distant player goes first and will be the first Judge. The Judge will draw a question card (teal card) and read the question or fill-in-the-blank phrase aloud. All other players will choose one white card from their hand that best fits the response and pass it to the Judge face down. Keep it funny. Keep it 2020.

After all responses have been submitted, the Judge shuffles the answers and selects their favorite after reading them aloud to the group. Whoever played the winning card of each round gets one point and will draw one Cure Card (more on these later) that will be placed in front of them for all players to see. If you didn’t win the round, don’t cry… it’s just one more bad thing to come out of 2020. All players then draw another answer card to replace the one they previously played, getting their hand back up to 8 cards. Play continues counter-clockwise (because things have been going backwards all year long).

But it wouldn’t be 2020… WITHOUT A TWIST!

Hidden in the deck of answer cards are “Coronavirus Cards.” Just like the virus messed up our year, these cards mess up your game. When drawn, Coronavirus Cards take up a slot in your hand and cannot be removed without the help of a Cure Card. Cure Cards can do anything from removing the Coronavirus Cards from your hand to spreading it to other players and more…

However… be on the lookout for a special type of Cure Card, that’s not really a cure at all… THE KAREN CARD!

A Karen Card can be used after all answers have been submitted but before the Judge reads them. Playing a Karen Card will swap out the question card for another at random. This means that some of the answer cards played may no longer make sense with the new question. For the player that thought they found the perfect answer… Karen says otherwise!

To win the game, you have to cure Coronavirus. JK… you just have to be the first to win 3 rounds.


Who created The 2020 Game?

We are three siblings (Kevin, Lindsey, and Melissa), living in three cities (LA, Miami, and NYC), with three unique expertises (Design/Creative Strategy, Marketing/Social Media, and Business/Finance). We’ve put our heads together and our differences aside to create a game that captures this historic year in a fun, kooky way. We’ve worked extremely hard to make this dream a reality, and the end product is something we’re genuinely proud to share with you and the world.

What's included in The 2020 Game?

The 2020 Game™ includes the following:

-240 Answer Cards
-80 Question Cards
-40 Coronavirus Cards
-40 Cure Cards

Who can play The 2020 Game?

This game is intended for ages 14+.

How can I play with only 2 or 3 people?

With two people, you could each submit two answer cards for more variety each round, and alternate between being the judge. The judge would still pick their favorite answer card and whoever’s card it is would win the round. All of the cure cards would still work while playing with two people except for the social distancing card. If anyone draws that one, they can discard it and draw a different one.


If possible, you could have a third person be the judge over the phone or via Zoom. You would read out the question and answer cards to the judge and they would pick their favorite.


You could also play the game over Zoom with friends or family if they have their own copy. You would just have to modify the rules slightly by appointing a “game master” of each round, in addition to the judge of the round. The judge would pick a question card that everyone else has to answer to, and then everyone else would message the game master with their answer. The game master would then read aloud the answers, and the judge would pick their favorite. The game master can still submit a card for the round, but adding this element would protect the anonymity of everyone’s answers.

How can I get in touch with you?

Email us at 2020@theyearlygame.com with any questions, suggestions, or concerns.

Is there anything else I should know?

Our intention for this game is for you to have lighthearted fun with your friends and family reflecting on moments from such a defining year. While we chose to include some controversial topics, you are free to play the cards however you wish. Keep it funny. Keep it 2020.


To provide the fastest shipping experience for our customers, we utilize Amazon fulfillment channels. If you would prefer an alternative shipping method, please contact us at 2020@theyearlygame.com


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