The 2020 Game

The 2020 Game


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2020 was an unforgettable year. While we would have preferred to be out living our best lives, we stayed at home and adapted to “the new normal.” Relive the best and worst moments of the year with this fun card game containing all the new terms and memorable events 2020 gave us. The 2020 Game provides entertainment for the whole family and will be perfect for the next round of quarantine (cries and makes another quarantini).  The 2020 Game is also a time capsule of sorts – a way for us to remember these “unprecedented times.” Here’s to a better 2021!

Product Features:

  • The game of the year. Literally.
  • Contains 240 Answer Cards, 80 Question Cards, 40 Virus Cards, 40 Cure Cards, and 2020 memories.
  • VIRUS CARDS: cards hidden in the answer deck that take up a slot in your hand when drawn. These cards can’t be removed from your hand without the help of a Cure Card.
  • CURE CARDS: “wild” cards that, when played, give you an advantage or being a twist to the game.
  • KAREN CARD: a special type of Cure Card that isn’t really a cure at all! Karen is here to ruin everyone’s game!

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